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Palm Springs Art Museum

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Natural science exhibits, Cahuilla Indian artifacts and hiking excursions Tickets: valid from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Free on Thursdays (first come first served)

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Palm Springs Air Museum

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Able to interact with exhibits World’s largest collection of static and flyable aircrafts

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Children’s Discovery Museum

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Environment for children to explore and be creative in interactive exhibits

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Museum of Ancient Wonders

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Exhibits of replicated and genuine treasured artifacts Devoted to fields like paleontology, paleoanthropology and archeology

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La Quinta Museum

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Tuesday-Saturday 10-4 Free admission 2 exhibit galleries

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Cabot’s Pueblo Museum

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Guided tour of the pueblo Promote and preserve Cabot Yerxa’s legacy

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Guest Reviews

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June 2022

This house is so much fun! Decor is great, the house is clean and spacious and comfortable. Close to downtown and the instructions getting in and out are clear. Fantastic coffee bar for the mornings. We loved our stay!

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